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I am so stoked to share this news.  Many of you know that Ahni and Zoe was sold and we were wondering what our scrapbooking options would be going forward.  I look ahead to my spring cropping retreat and I hate the idea that I have no products left to offer.

But, ta-da!  If you read my email earlier this summer, I did mention that the purchaser of Ahni and Zoe (and Creative Memories) is someone already familiar with the way Creative Memories did things, and someone who wanted to bring back the better things in a more responsible way.

The great news is, this week it has been announced that the new company will use the name CM and still offer the most popular Ahni and Zoe and Creative Memories products (INCLUDING TAPE RUNNERS!  WOOHOO!) Here are a few of the products we’ve been told about:

Beginning Products to Include:
  • 10 Fast2Fab 12×12 albums (5 brand-new designs)
  • 3 F2F 8×8 albums (2 new designs)
  • both sizes will have predesigned refill pages
  • bookcloth coversets will be reintroduced in at least 4 colors.
  • white, spargo and natural refill in both sizes
  • 4 new paper packs, which will coordinate with the F2F pages
  • 9” trimmer – starting off with this, may move to something else
  • tape runner and refill
  • pens

From my perspective, it looks like they are cutting the most expensive part of offering those products, which was actually the consultant and party rewards.  The products CM will offer will still be priced the same, but hopefully the company will be able to stay in the black if they don’t have to pay a lot of the extras.

Of course, this is my opinion.  I don’t want to hurt or offend any former consultants … I loved being a consultant and miss those days a lot.  I learned so much from my fellow consultants.  But realistically, if it takes cutting those perks out to keep the products that we all love, I’m fine with that decision.  I am so excited to see these products come back!

So, keep an eye on your email.  Because I was Ahni and Zoe consultant up until the company was sold, I will have the opportunity to offer these products to you sooner, so please stick with me!  My understanding is that there may be products released as soon as late October.  I’ll keep you posted!

~ Deb